Fine Dining Mushroom Recipes

The old-fashioned sweet peas are child's play to grow from seed and with constant deadheading they will flower from June to October. They profit from a mulch when planting, and watering during dry spells. Like all peas they are prone to mildew, which is pretty much in nature's hands, and a feast to aphids, which need regular spraying – with soft soap solution if chemical sprays make you queasy. When summer is winding down and you want to harvest seed, get in quick before the pea moth grub attacks Buy delphinium Faust' from Blackmore and Langdon, Pensford, Bristol (tel: 01275-332300); Malva sylvestris mauritiana Bibor Felho ‘ (seed) from Thompson & Morgan, Poplar Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk (tel: 01473-688588); Lathyrus odoratus, similar to L.


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Matucana from Chiltern Seeds, Bortree Sale, Ulverston, Cumbria (tel: 01229-581137) Old-fashioned sweet peas are child's play to grow from seed, and will flower until October ULTIMATE CHIC Designer Agnes Comar has brought contemporary vitality to her classically proportioned apartment in Paris. By Stephen Calloway Currently much courted as one of the darlings of the new, chic Parisian style of the Nineties – a sort of Cocteau goes neutral and natural look – Agnes Comar seems the epitome of France's remarkable enthusiasm for contemporary design.

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