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Meanwhile, Tricia's innate talent to surprise and delight people with her eclectic collection of antiques continues. FINE DINING RECIPES PICTURES People who come to visit us always want to buy my things,  she laughs. With that in mind she and Conrad have started to design their own collection of furniture and lamps. There are ideas for several books in the pipeline, too, and perhaps even a range of paints.

Tricia is sublimely happy with her studio.

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She laughs as she says: I'll have to be carried out of here feet first. ? To arrange an appointment to view Tricia Jameson's folk and country antiques, or for advice on interior design, telephone (0171) 584 7642.

CLOCKWISE, FROM ABOVE: the tiny bedroom, with its bed draped in an antique patchwork quilt, is located in a cosy corner of the first-floor gallery; Tricia loves antique models of horses; a rustic chair, decorated with bunches of lavender, hangs from the wall; the upper floor was added so that artists could both live and work in their studios. Apart from their intended use, upholstery nails have great potential as unusual decoration Styling Gabi Tubbs Photographs Scott Hawkins Items decorated by Arabella Hoare, (0171)352 4094 Studded elegance Decorative upholstery studs may not be the first things you would think of using to enhance an item of furniture, but with a little imagination and a few basic tools, you can use them to embellish almost anything. To begin with, try working on a candle or a simple picture frame.


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