In fact, though, as is to be expected of a decorator with Pinto’s sharp eye for the unusual and a love of fine things, the house is in fact filled with many interesting pieces and is meticulously put together. It does however have a remarkably welcoming feel of cool- OPPOSITE TOP In the dining-room, boxes of specimen butterflies complement the cheerful yellows of French provincial chairs. Intriguing table-settings include silver-mounted shell salt-cellars, INSET. ABOVE Alberto Pinto’s bedroomfills the space beneath the massive roof beams of the old house. INSET In a small sitting-room, a leather Chesterfieldflanks an Art Nouveau chimneypiece ness and light, which derives from a palette of fresh colours for walls and fabrics and a choice of both classic European furniture and a number of rather more exotic pieces, all of which combine to give the house something of a colonial air.

This is especially apparent in the spacious drawing-room, where elegant, early-nineteenth-century ebony armchairs from Goa find a perfect foil in soft, deep, white sofas and low tables in Italian ceramic and Moroccan inlay-work. It is as though the sun-drenched atmosphere of the South, with its heady spells of Mediterranean island indolence, interact here with a certain tougher, more rugged quality that epitomizes the enigmatic character of Corsica. Perhaps inspired by this curious cultural mix of north and south, Pinto has drawn on elements of both his own Mediterranean heritage and aspects of the chic, urbane Parisian decorative milieu in which he now lives and works. FINE DINING RECIPES YOUTUBE Blending the styles of these two worlds with consummate ease, Pinto seems effortlessly to have created the perfect holiday house with understated panache and a sure sense of comfort.



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