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Fireplaces have been an essential part of the British home for centuries, with the draw of a real fire and flame lasting through the ages. Arada, a family-run company based in rural Devon, has over 40 years’ experience in stove manufacture and understands exactly how important a fire is when creating a homely environment. Trends are quickly changing though, and Arada has established itself as a leader in the stove and heating market. While burning coal on an open fire was once a popular choice, there is an increasing call for a more eco-friendly form of heating. Stoves are up to three times more efficient than open fires, and designs are constantly evolving to support clean-burning and a clean atmosphere.

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Today’s stoves rely less on fossil fuels but still provide an attractive real fire in a traditional, stylish and more fuel-efficient manner. The expert team at Arada oversees every stage of stove manufacture, from initial designs to core engineering and hand-crafting every product so that it is perfectly suited to the British home. Arada stoves sit within three collections, to ensure that there is an option to complement every lifestyle and setting. Stoves in the Timeless Classics collection are charming and characterful and are built to be a focal point in any room, the Contemporary Living collection offers greater fuel efficiency with a modern aesthetic as well as clean-cut lines and large viewing windows, and finally, the Hardworking Heating collection provides homeowners with a reliable fusion between style and practicality with its boiler stoves.


New for 2019, the Farringdon Eco is a range of ‘Ecodesign Ready’ stoves, epitomising the finest in British design and innovative technology. Having incredible fuel efficiency compared to standard stoves, they produce far fewer emissions than ever before. In addition, the Farringdon Eco also gives long burn times of ALL UP PERIOD IDEAS 105 more than 10 hours and an outstanding all-round performance. This range is available in four different sizes, can be personalised with a choice of detachable handles, log stores and pedestals, and is suitable for smoke control areas. The Ecoburn Plus range is one of Arada’s most popular designs, offering a visually distinctive stove with extensive viewing glasses and a variety of contemporary styles. This range boasts Arada’s Flexifuel system, meaning you can choose between burning wood or smokeless fuel, and there are freestanding or inset models available. Also new for 2017 are the enhanced new-look iSeries cassette and Slimline Freestanding stove ranges. Featuring all the great performance and variety of heat outputs of Arada’s Ecoburn Plus models, these modern, sleek stoves have all new full glass doors. They are perfect for contemporary living and ideal for homes in urban smoke control areas too.

LUXURY OF CHOICE Every Arada stove is designed to work at optimum efficiency, heating your home quickly and reducing fuel costs. All stoves are available in a choice of six colours as an alternative to the standard black, and you can choose from sky blue, Devon cream, pewter, metallic bronze, shimmering rose or grey. Arada believes that every home should be warm at its centre, so make sure yours is cosy this winter.

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