This may be the most photographed building in New York, not just because its composition makes it so photogenic, but because, since the 1960s, the neighborhood around it has harbored a large concentration of photographers. Although only 23 stories, it was the first really tall building north of City Hall, and it has symbolized skyscraper style ever since it was built. Its formal name is the Fuller Building, but the unusual shape gave it its more popular name. The shape was dictated by the variation in Manhattan’s grid pattern caused by Broadway’s march uptown on an east-west diagonal. One of the earliest buildings in New York supported by a steel cage, its heavy limestone walls, which appear to be supporting the building, give it a sturdy look in spite of its slim profile.


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Flatiron Building (New York)

The Flatiron Building is so striking and unusual, it's easy to get ...

The Flatiron Building - New York - circa 1903 [2300x1354] - Imgur

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