Flexible Clothing Storage

Flexible Clothing Storage

Are you dreaming of a closet with enough space. And organization to house all of your clothing. And accessories well you can have it with the packs closet system no matter what you’re storing in your dream closet pax has the interior fittings to keep it all organized Peck’s offers a wide variety of sizes styles. And colors that you can choose from to coordinate with your room my favorite thing about packs is that it grows with your wardrobe if you need more drawers more shelves you just switch it out. And it has a year warranty with great features like soft clothes. And drawers. And integrated automatic lighting a room with pax is where good days start you.

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Floating Floor Installation Guide

Okay. So, we’re laying this down. So that we can take up any irregularities in the floor. And also give it a little cushion. Because it is a floating floor. And it needs an underlayment you can’t just lay it right on to your existing subfloor. So we’ll just cut this Tom’s already started on this floor. And there’s a groove on this one literally all you would do is just put it into this edge. And then just snap it down. And then you can use that tapping block. And now this is where it gets a little bit trickier when it’s a printed pattern like this you want to make sure that you can stagger your pieces of wood. So that you don’t have that pattern match up if it’s in between a cut line. So they’re all different okay. So now, we’re gonna need a cut. And this is the best easiest thing about doing a cut. Because you just turn the board around. And you just mark it all right okay good Wow see we’ve just had one two three four or five we literally did five since we started that was like five ten minutes ago, I can’t believe it.

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