Floating bonsai for your Indoor Garden

The Air bonsai

The floating bonsai, also known as air or spirit bonsai, is a concept where a magnet is placed inside the container where the plant’s base would ordinarily sit; then some metallic ball of moss or sponge is placed at the roots or base of the plant, and it is hence repelled (remember your school lesson -opposite poles attract and similar poles repell). The plant is then levitated up to 2cm above the container. Ideally, the plant should not weigh more than 300g for this to work. Bonsai and interior gardening enthusiasts argue that the air bonsai is a new trend in gardening that is a must-have because it is unique and has an air of sophistication to it; not to mention a mystic to it.

The best outcome for your indoor garden is when you not only locate your bonsai appropriately and also in the correct container and within the right context. These next pointers should guide you.

1. Since a centralised location always works, consider placing your little plant as a coffee or dining table centerpiece. If looking for centrality and focal points, the television stand or mantel are also good choices. However, you could also place it at a corner of the room if you want to draw attention to it.

2. Choose porcelain for the bonsai since it gives it a traditional look. You could also use bronze or copper – plated containers just to break away from the norm. The container should be the right size; this should be determined by the diameter of the bonsai base. The base of the air bonsai should appear to fit snuggly into its container.

3. Air bonsai is a Japanese concept; therefore contextualise this within your indoor space by using other forms of gardening or art that are traditionally Japanese; such as zen gardens or pagoda-shaped art pieces.

Floating bonsai for your Indoor Garden Photo Gallery

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