Floor Covering Ideas

Floor Covering Ideas

Bonded carpet

Bonded carpet is made by fixing the pile to a ready-made backing with an adhesive. It looks similar to a plain woven carpet but uses less pile yarn as this is not woven in and out of the backing material.

Fibre-bonded carpet

In fibre-bonded carpet, fine, synthetic fibres are forced through a backing material with barbed needles, and are then fixed onto a fairly rigid backing, PVC, for example. This construction method produces a thin, coarse carpet without a conventional pile but with a hairy appearance instead. It is of
ten used in commercial interiors.

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Flocked carpet

Flocked carpet is made electrostatically an opposing electrical charge between the pile material and the backing causes the pile fibre to be attracted to the adhesive-coated backing in an upright position, like hair standing on end. Patterns can be printed onto the short pile, which is easily cleaned, making flocked carpet ideal for areas subject to heavy soiling.

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