Flower Garden Designs: Three-Season Flower Bed

There’s nothing I love more than a poached egg. I like to muck around with the base, rather than relying all the time on toast. Sometimes I put eggs on a spinach bed or I’ll chop up a whole lot of leek or zucchini and caramelise it in the pan to get lots of different flavours involved. White pepper and some lemon gives it a bit of a zing. Using vegies as a base stretches the meal and really makes the breakfast experience, and I can add chutneys or other condiments. You can’t beat your own home-grown eggs – they poach so much better. I bought some shop eggs over Christmas because we were using more than we had, and the eggs I got just didn’t cut the mustard. It’s very hard when your eggs are usually of home-grown standard!

Clockwise from main Chooks love the chance to free range for tasty morsels; Costa keeps a bucket with a iid outside his house, which his neighbours fill with food scraps; Costa’s sorting system on his kitchen benchtop -separating out food waste at the source saves time and resources down the track. love going down to visit them in the morning; the more time you spend with them, the more animated they become.

You can’t do kids a bigger favour than giving them the joy of going out to look for eggs. But the thing I love the most is the food-waste cycle.

My chickens eat the food scraps from multiple houses in the street – scraps that would otherwise go into a bin and be taken away in a truck to landfill. The chooks transform this into the most fantastic fertiliser, which goes out onto all the vegies in the street. The vegies feed us, as well as the chooks, and then round it goes again.

Separating the scraps out for the chooks at the point of the kitchen benchtop makes it all so easy, and it’s these little things that help people change their habits, and accelerate their journey into the realm of living with enough.

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