Formal Living Room Decor

Formal Living Room Decor

Preparing and priming metal

Preparing and priming metal are approacl in much the same way as for wood, usi specific solvents to remove the paint.

Spray paint can be removed with aceto oil-based paints and varnishes with turpt tine or white spirit; and French enan varnish with methylated spirits. Use st wool or a firm wire brush to remove the paint layers and rust. Continue to rub I surface until it is completely smooth a clean. There are special zinc-based m primers available for preparing the surface metal for painting. A base coat of red ox

Preparing wood

1 Apply liquid or gel stripper with an old brush and wait for the surface to bubble. Scrape off the softened paint.

2 Sand down the stripped surface. Use your fingertips apply pressure for light sanding or for curved areas inhibits rust and protects metal, so it is ideal for treating garden furniture. Always remember to wear rubber gloves when using red Oxide. Apply the primer in a single, even coat and leave it to dry for 24 hours.

Preparing and priming plastic

Wash the plastic surfaces down with a clean cloth and a solution of warm water and household detergent. Rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water, and dry it off completely before painting.

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