Formal Living Room Designs

Formal Living Room Designs

Adirondack Chairs

Another well-designed item that has been around for over 150 years is the Adirondack chair.

This generously sized, sturdily constructed chair with wide angled seat, wide armrests, and high back has been the furniture of choice in summer homes and on outdoor patios and porches since it was first introduced. Purists prefer it in its natural finish because it wears over time to a silvery gray color. However, you can now find all sorts of versions in a variety of colors. The copies are often smaller in size, some can be folded for easy storage (the originals could not be foldedone of their drawbacks), and they are lighter so they can be moved about for optimum sun or shade.

Director’s Chairs

While we’re on the subject of chairs, is there any home without a director’s chair? These movie-inspired, quick and easy pull-up, occasional-seating solutions were embraced as soon as they came on the scene. They were perfect for extra seating and the strips of canvas on the seat and backrest were amazingly comfortable. The fold-up aspect made them practical as well. Now, at least three generations after they first appeared, the copies are smaller and lighter, but the frames come in all colors and the canvas seats are replaceable. Not only that, you can find the canvas in every color of the rainbow. These chairs are so reasonably priced, often as low as $10, that we don’t hesitate to leave them outdoors on a deck with the full knowledge that they can be replaced, if necessary, next season.

For the Bathroom

For elegant detailing there’s nothing like the heavy chrome, luxury-style, hotel bathroom accessories. If you like the look of polished chrome towel racks, bathrobe hooks, and clothes hampers you can get it in a lighter, less expensive version through places like Hold Everything. The brass hooks are plated with chrome and when they are used to hold fluffy terry robes, they will make your bathroom look and feel as luxurious as an expensive resort health spa.

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