Formal Living Room Furniture Ideas

Formal Living Room Furniture Ideas

With simple variations, attractive and widely different effects can be achieved using colourwashes. Paint narrow chequerboard borders along edges of, or panels in, the furniture. Alternate colours in wide bands across larger pieces. The beauty of this kind of painting is that it provides the opportunity for great adventure and experimentation with colour and texture. Create smart, chic pieces

With a little imagination a tired piece of furniture can be given a magical transformation. The two chests of drawers, one wild, bright and abstract, the other more restrained with its seashore motifs and touches of gold, are lively and fun. They blend happily in this bright room – where even the flowerpots are decorated with paint in combinations of subtle chalky whites and bleached blues, or go wild with vibrant orange, mint green and deep indigo.

Metallic paints, if‘textured’ a little, can give a wonderfully rich and exciting surface to furniture. Apply silver metallic paint to the prepared surface. Dilute black emulsion with water and a little detergent and, using a damp cloth, dab it over the surface, into mouldings or along edges, to build up a rich patina for dramatic effect. The silver-grey colour looks splendid against rich jewel colours emerald, orange or deep burgundy. Try painting the legs of upholstered stools in this finish in combination with rich velvets and cord.

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The beauty and warmth of polished wood show up well in the honey-gold long refectory table. The natural grain and patina of the wood are drawn out with waxing or varnishing and contrast with the bleached-wood effect of the flooring. Against the neutral walls, the table’s richness of texture and colour contrasts well.

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