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Cheryl had the coffee table in the living room made in a light wood in keeping with the fresh and airy interiors.

I clad the pillar in the living room with mirror so it ‘disappears', ” says Cheryl. A rug from Hertex and a chandelier from K. Light Import add glamour with the seascape and lends the apartment a light and spacious atmosphere. White is an amazing accent as anything you put against it immediately comes to life and looks brighter.

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To create a flow from one room to the next, Cheryl installed the same flooring throughout. I chose a vinyl from Table Bay Florstore as it's very durable and works well in wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom,  she explains. To demarcate each room, she used eye-catching rugs,

A four-bedroom cottage in a complex in Pennington on the KZN South Coast with an open-plan living area and generous covered patio.

We've always referred to the cottage as the Beach Bungalow,  say Wade and Liesl Heath of their holiday home, which they've owned for 15 years. Liesl, an interior decorator and owner of decor store Couch + Interiors, had been threatening to give the cottage a makeover for years, and last year they finally took the plunge.

It was outdated, dark and quite poky, and the first thing we wanted to do was open it up,  they recall. Liesl enlisted her Couch + Interiors colleague Sabrina Schaller to assist her with the revamp. It's often quite difficult to make decisions about your own home and another pair of eyes is necessary,  she says.

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