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Culinary facts: All parts of the herb, from its root to its leaves, can be used for culinary purposes. Interestingly enough, dill is not a common herb in Mediterranean dishes. It is known as a spice used in pickled cucumbers.

The herb is the sole ingredient for the production of dill vinegar (a cooking ingredient in some recipes). Dill used in yogurt, sour cream, salad dressings, spinach dishes, chicken and lamb casseroles. For best results, most chefs add the fresh herb to their hot recipes just prior to removing from the heat source because of its delicate nature.

Medicinal facts: Dill water is given to fussy babies as a digestive aid and soothing medicine. Old wives tales recommend boiling dill in wine and then inhale the fumes to cure hiccups.

Liven up your bland walls and make a statement in your outdoors by creating vertical gardens. Here is what you need to know about wall gardens. Words by Patricia Karamuta. Pictures by iStock

The hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World are the most famous of vertical gardens. Vertical gardens are also known as living walls and there are spectacular projects around the world that have implemented these types of walls.

The MFO Park in Zurich, Switzerland is home to one such project whose living wall comprises a massive multileveled structure on which there are over 1,000 plants grown on it. Well, spruce-up that bland wall that forms a big part of your garden by creating your very own Babylonian garden. These are the variations of wall gardens you could choose from. Masonry perimeter walls

Full masonry stone wall – While you may still prefer this kind of wall for its functionality in terms of security and privacy, you have the option of creating a garden on it to make it more appealing. At the base of the wall, you will have to plant climbers such as Ficcus pumila.

Part masonry – part grill wall – If you love plants but want the added sturdiness that comes with a masonry wall, this is the way to go. What is more, there is something aesthetic about the mix of hard and soft that this type of wall garden presents. Choose plants with vines that will attach themselves onto the grill and cover it up. Such plants are Hedera helix (English ivy), Jasmine, or Wisteria.

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