Free interior design ideas for home decor

Ensure your gutters are free from leaf debris, and safely remove any sticks or fallen branches from your roof. Wash mould build-up from eaves and brush away cobwebs. While major renovations aren’t worth it when it comes to selling, adding a simple deck area can add serious value. Buyers will love the appeal of a level entertaining area – here, running directly from the back door of the house. You can then add an inexpensive outdoor setting to create an enticing all-purpose backyard zone. Get project sheet with full instructions below Greet buyers with a well-presented exterior. Hose, wash, scrub, brush and polish the outside surfaces until they’re squeaky clean. If your front door has old-fashioned glass panels, you can cover them up rather than shelling out for a new door. Free interior design ideas for home decor Get project sheet with full instructions below A bit of colour outdoors will brighten sitting areas. Cheerful cushions do the trick! They’ve seen your house online or in the agent’s window, so when househunters pull up out front, they’re looking to be impressed. Mulch garden beds and add new plants to fill empty spaces. Make sure your front fence is up to scratch – replace it if not.

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