Front Entrance Feature Laminates From EDL

Behind this wall of laminates is the bomb shelter. The shelter’s entrance is neatly concealed by a tic tac door. Warm lighting is emitted by the sleek line-up of wall lights on the laminated coverings.

DINING AREA (below) The design scheme here centres around the kitchen and the contemporary dining set fits harmoniously into the backdrop.

Front Entrance Feature Laminates From EDL Photo Gallery

This 1,001 square-foot HDB unit has adopted a minimalist style, it exhibits none of the cold and monotonous traits usually associated with it. The game-changer lies inbeautiful-looking surfaces and the homeowners’well-curated decorating sense. Of course, this pictureof poise wouldn’t be made possible without thedesign intervention of designer Kobe Wong fromKDOT Associates.

“The homeowners approached us with plenty of style references,” recalls Kobe, “From there, we pieced together a fitting look ideal for their lifestyle and design preferences.” The married couple in their 30s gave the interior designer a clear direction but also flexibility when it came to new design features. “They trusted our expertise and welcomed our proposed designs,” he adds.One of the biggest overhauls is the kitchen, which has been completely transformed.

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