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Written by Bettina Bernabe I Photographed by Greg Mayo

As the general manager of four of Makati’s most well-loved restaurants namely MilkyWay Cafe, Cirkulo, Tsukiji, and Azuthai, the classic Gamboa Touch is kept alive through Malu Gamboa’s relentless pursuit of consistency and authenticity. She is one who believes that making a mark in the industry is about sticking to your nicheand such is evident in the quality of ingredients used for every dish, Malu’s work ethics, and the vision that she holds for their restaurants. It is simply about doing your best to always be the best at your chosen field.

Backed up with an extensive educational background in business and work experience with one of the most popular fast food chains

in the world, Malu has been trained to keep up with the times without losing the core of her family’s business. She does this by staying true to what matters most, which is providing a perfect venue that offers personalized service and serves authentic dishes. Whenever inspiration walks out, Malu lets motivation in. That’s how she’s been doing it for more than 20 years now, and this has gained her the respect of her staff and the loyalty of her customers.

The art of doing business, dealing with people, and appreciating the value of good food and good company is the talent that Malu has become an expert of. For her, nothing’s better than to work and live passionately. liifti

Malu Gamboa’s restaurants are all located at MilkyWay Building, 900 Arnaiz Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas, San Lorenzo, Makati. Malu Gamboa’s makeup by Julia Sayco (0917 846 1213)

As the first restaurant pioneered by Malu’s mom, MilkyWay Cafe has been in the food and dining industry for almost five decades.

Start fresh on your Thai culinary journey with Azuthai’s pomelo salad.

You can never go wrong with a plate of Azuthai’s pad thai with prawns to share with friends and family.

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