Furniture For Living Room Ideas

Furniture For Living Room Ideas

Finish can be changed easily to suit the m of the rest of the room, altering the sur paint colour or ‘texture’ as easily as chan a cushion cover. Other paint technic require more time and precision and bee of this have a more permanent, perhaps relaxed feel to them the difference betv a scrubbed pine table and an anti mahogany desk. Each has its place i depends on the effect you want to achie

Balance in all of this is crucial. Avoid overdoing a paint technique or using the same patterned fabric on every item in the room. Less’is more. One beautifully colourwashed chair among a collection of pared-down fabrics can often be more effective than a riot of them. Although, in the right place, this too can be wonderful.

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The position of furniture within a room is also very important. Don’t feel that all large items of furniture should hug the walls -placing them on the diagonal and juxtaposing them can give unexpectedly pleasing results. In bigger rooms with numerous pieces of furniture, it helps to think in terms of group arrangements so that there are islands of furniture throughout the room, rather than many individual but slightly lost-looking pieces. Using the same colour, paint and fabric helps to link unrelated items throughout the room. Try different materials, be imaginative but keep a balance.

Bleached cream, pale stone and stark white are relieved by a honey-toned floor in this harmoniously elegant room. Fabrics are the dominant feature of the room, together with the abundance of natural light that floods through the window.s The light reflects off the various surfaces to provide a sophisticated and relaxing environment.

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