Furniture For Small Living Room

Furniture For Small Living Room


Kitchens & Bathrooms

The perfect kitchen formula has come about by slow, comforting evolution. It is a recipe that is hard to beat: the room is large and warm, with a huge table in the middle, a slightly undulating quarry-tiled floor, geraniums and a dozing cat on the window-sill, and dressers and shelves full of cookery posts and old pieces of Mason’s ironstone china. There should be plenty of colour – on walls, pans, cushions and old containers. Handsome old enamel, wood and metal cooking equipment can be bought cheaply in junk shops and it is effortlessly effective to collect a heap of vaguely matching china to show off. Chips and cracks and broken bits do not matter: a countrified kitchen should look lived in.

This is the place for creative carpentry – to convert old pine cupboards into sink stands, or benignly mutilate a wobbly sideboard to house the boiler discreetly. There is no mystique about a kitchen -built-in furniture is not obligatory. But if you cannot resist the sleek tidiness and regularity of matching units, then simple wooden doors (which can be recycled from other furniture) with brass or ceramic handles, and tiled or wooden worktops (173) have the most countrified air.

Plumbing Fitments

Of all modern design, plumbing fitments seem to have suffered most from a fatal dislocation between purpose and style. Modern tap fittings tend to be not only violently vulgar, but also impractical; baths and basins are nowadays manufactured in instantly dated colours, in plastics that look scratched within minutes and magnify every smear of soap. Old-fashioned fitments are both sculptural and practical -the taps turn when your hands are slippery, and they are relatively easy to dismantle when you need to replace a washer.

Brass taps and plumbing fitments are handsome, but they are demanding.

They need constant and fiddly polishing, which is why busy people took to chrome with such alacrity.

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