Furniture Ideas For Hearth Room

Furniture Ideas For Hearth Room

Finishing Touches for an Older Home
My friend Linda lives in an early Nantucket house. The rooms are small and intimate and the house has been restored beautifully. When painting the living room she decided to texture the walls with ragging in a pale peach-color paint. She then used a precut stencil design that she especially liked to create a delicate border around the ceiling line. The mantel and wood surrounding the fireplace is painted in the original dark green color, which adds a nice contrast. The room is furnished sparsely but comfortably and it is at once warm, inviting, and up-to-date without spoiling the integrity of the original house.
Bring the Outdoors Indoors
Outdoor furniture and garden urns are unexpected when found inside, and they can be used in creative ways. Bring the garden indoors for winter to keep a room fresh and bright throughout the gloomy, gray days. I favor one oversized container with a small tree or a large urn holding sprawling ivy. In this way you don’t have to forsake the plants you love due to a change of season.

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