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Have you ever struggled with how to lay out the furniture in your home particularly your living room or family room well if you have you’re in the right place because I’m going to give you my top tips for furniture layout. So tip number one if you have a TV which a lot of you do it’s actually going to be your first thing it’s where does the TV go in this apartment it was quite easy because we only had one wall and the TV had to go there but your first tip is going to be to look at the room and think where is your TV going to go and that’s go on start the layout of the rest of the room my second tip for furniture lay out in your living room or family room is once you know where the TV is going you have to decide what kind of person are you are you a couch person or you a chair person now I’m a couch person my husband’s a chair person and what this means is when you watch TV would you rather send a couch or would you rather have a chair. So in this case this client is a couch person.

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So we put the couch directly across from the TV as that’s where most of the viewing is going to happen tip number three is you want to think about sight lines. So when you come into the space what do you see. So for instance in this space when you walk into it you see the couch and that’s going to determine again the flow of the other things that go in it. So we’ve decided on your TV you’ve decided if your couch or chair person you want to make sure that the sight lines work well within that now you want to think about mixing in your chairs. So in this case we have a couch and we mixed in chairs throughout the living room my tips were mixing the couch and the chairs is you want to think a little bit in different colors and different fabrics. So for instance this is a really light colored couch and in the chairs we chose there a darker color and a different fabric like we actually have a leather one as well the next thing you want to think about is your tables. So if you’re sitting on the couch you’re watching TV you want to think about your coffee table in your side tables you can see what we’ve done here is replaced a round coffee table in this living room but it’s more towards the center of the room.

So we play smaller tables on either side of the couch. So it’s easy access for your drink or whatever you have and my last tip is traffic flow. So you want to make sure you can actually walk around the that you can get up from the couch that you can move around the coffee table move around the side table and move around the chairs. So just to recap if you struggled with furniture layout and your living room or family room you want to first place the TV if you have a TV you then one decide if you’re a couch or chair person you then want to think about the sight lines for that couch chair and TV that may be in the room you then want to think about tables and make sure that each chair or couch has access to a table and then you want to think about traffic flow within the room to get you started I have included my top five tips to create a beautiful room and you can link to it below. So if you found this helpful and you liked this post and loved it if you could like it if you could share it with your family and friends.

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