Furniture Small Living Room

Furniture Small Living Room

The designer of this room has cleverly incorporated neutral colors and then used the blue chairs as a highlight which is balanced out wonderfully with the picture windows. Yes, there are little touches of blue in the decoration, such as on the table, though the overall color scheme is not blue per se. Thus, you can pick colors which blend nicely with the upholstered items that you have and take samples of coloredfabric and paints to try and bring the whole look together. Image from Flicker by Stylish Home

The paint colors will be important, but it’s the overall look that matters. As you add a fabric or a color stand back and look at the overall balance of the look and decide whether your choices are good choices or nor. You can mix patterns, but be careful how you do this as if you have too much pattern, this can distract the eye from the overall design. A design board is basically a collection of ideas that you want to put together. You can add to it or take away from it but at the end of the day, what you are looking for is perfect balance to suit the style that you are trying to create and it doesn’t always take spending a lot of money to create a wonderful style.

Furniture Small Living Room Photo Gallery

In the above image, the designer has put together different fabrics and color swatches together with ideas from magazines and this is the kind of thing that you are trying to create. See the groups of fabrics. The designer is grouping items, which means that not all of them need be used, but by moving around the swatches, it gives the designer a better idea of what would work well together and what won’t. That’s important. The fabrics may be used for cushions or something like that and the basic colors of your room may be fairly bland. These cushions can add zest to the room and a lot of great interest when someone looks at a room. The big plus with adding cushions is that the amount of fabric that you need to create them is a relatively small amount so that this kind of decor does not have to cost a great deal. Image from Flicker by Julenne

Whether you’re decorating just one room, or your entire home, creating the perfect space can be a fulfilling experience. It shouldn’t just be pleasing to the eye, your space should represent who you are, and at the same time serve its purpose in your home. If you’ve always wanted a home that you can be proud of, start with these foolproof interior design tips, especially put together for beginners.

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