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Hi it’s Karla with Karla trailer design edik or expert and the Cystic whore with love TV. So I have a question for you do you struggle with picking the right couch chairs coffee tables side table basically all the furniture in general well you are not alone and I’m go on share some tips with you on picking the right furniture and getting it right. So Furniture is an investment and it’s something that we don’t want to be buying every year we want it to stand the test of time. So I’m go on share with you seven tips about buying furniture and specifically buying furniture to make your space feel larger. So tip number one and this actually might surprise you is by regular sized furniture.

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So if you have a smaller space living room bedroom whatever and it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily in a condo this can go for a house as well don’t by what’s called maybe apartment sized furniture you can find regular sized furniture that will fit it’s just all about the proportion and the scale tip number two is buy furniture that’s higher up from the ground. So it’s kind of an odd tip but works really well if you have a small space. So when you’re looking at buying your couch or chairs your coffee table look at things that have a bit of a higher leg it creates a visual space for the eye and actually makes your room appear larger. So tip number three glass and lucite are your friends in a small space. So if you’ve got your couch in your chairs and those type of furniture think things that don’t take up any visual space when you’re looking at them for your coffee table for your side tables even some chairs now come in a plastic sort of see through material that works well in small spaces. So think of things that are open think of things that are glass lucite when you’re putting a smaller room together it’ll really make it appear larger. So tip number four is paint as our color and this I even have trouble saying it because I’m kind of I love white and I’m course with the white I’m mostly everything and it doesn’t mean you can’t do it you can do white in a small space but dark colors a whole look great in small spaces.

So a small bedroom or if you had a small living room or family room creating it creating one our color really works well and it creates a cozy atmosphere and contrary to what people think it actually doesn’t make it look smaller it actually just makes it feel cozier. So tip number five for your space and making it look long larger is don’t have too much contrast this is an interesting one. So in a small space only pick a couple colors that you’re go on use if you have too much contrast in say a focal wall and wallpaper and different color art different color pillows kind of your eyes going everywhere if you create any atmosphere that just has a couple colors it really opens up the room and actually makes it appear larger. So think of contrast makes the room appear smaller non contrast just going with simple colors maybe two makes a room appear larger tip number six with your small space is by large art I just love large art in general.

So I’d recommend it large small space whatever but I think sometimes people in a small space like a small bedroom or a small living room or family room think oh my art can’t be that big it’s go on overpower the room but I think actually having one focal point like art say above your couch is a great idea. So don’t think you have to go small with your art just because your spaces actually having fewer pieces and larger pieces is better and tip number seven and this is one that I’m doing and probably my favorite is when you think of lighting think of things that are off the floor. So for instance in a bedroom instead of having your lamps on your bedside tables have wall sconces it looks great and it just creates more space for you also floor lamps love floor lamps I think every living room family room has to have one and again also they don’t take up much space. So when you’re thinking of a lighting this is another key element to you’re space appear larger and just having more space in general.

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