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To create a gallery wall or not that is the question and I’m go on say crate one and I’m going to show you three super easy ways you can create a beautiful gallery wall in your home. So my first tip is then don’t create a gallery wall which I know I’m being a bit cheeky but I’m actually a bit serious too I know it can be overwhelming with all the different frames and sizes and pictures but you want to display those family pictures. So I’m go on give you an idea that I personally did and loved and it’s really easy and really inexpensive. So choose a picture that you love I suggest black and white and blow it up really large you can take it to your local photo place and do this for not very much then get it framed either you can get it professionally framed or again the big box stores sell those really large frames it looks fantastic I did this with a picture of my daughters and I put it in the hallway and it was absolutely a showstopper you could put it behind the couch or above your bed it’s just a way to think outside of the box in the gallery wall and creating something that’s fun and impactful and evening.

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So tip number two in creating a super easy gallery wall is buy all the same frames now sometimes people think this is cheating when I’ve mentioned this before but it’s really not it’s still a gallery wall it’s just an easy classy way to do it that adds symmetry to your room. So how do you do this okay well pick your color. So maybe it’s black maybe it’s white gold wood whatever it is measure out your wall and have rows of maybe three or four. So you might have three or four frames and then repeat that say three times if you can and keep the photos inside the same two. So a nice look is black and white always and have them black and white it’s an easy way to do a gallery wall it adds a lot of impact and you can share your great family photos in accessible way and tip number three for your gallery wall is go big or go home. So if you are go on create the traditional gallery wall that we think of with different size frames I want to give you a few tips that I think are easy to do this.

So the first one is choose just two or three colors for the frames. So an example you could have black wood and gold I think choosing wood is always a safe bet and I think a metallic. So gold or silver and yes they can be mixed and then either black or white. So now you’ve got your three colors you’re go on start with the big one first. So whatever your biggest picture is you’re go on put that on the wall first and you’re go on put it a little off center and then you’re go on build your frames around it again keeping them about two to three inches apart and when I say go big I mean don’t create a little itty bitty gallery wall create a big gallery wall those ones just look the best they have the most impact. So instead of maybe if you’re doing one behind a couch which is really common going the length of the couch I actually create the gallery wall outside of the length of couch and create it too farther than the side tables it adds impact it really is a focal point and it adds. So much to your room I hope these tips have helped but I do know that creating a gallery wall can seem overwhelming and sometimes we have good intentions but we just freeze and don’t do anything. So to help you out I’ve created a freebie of some of my favorite gallery walls that you can use as inspiration print it out take it to the store and recreate yourself you can link to it below.

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