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So you’ve seen these in home design for years, you’ve coveted them, you’ve loved them, you’ve wanted to create one in your home but you didn’t know where to start. I’m talking about the gallery wall. Today I’m going to show you how to create a simple and cohesive gallery wall in your home. So tip number one when you’re creating your gallery wall is I’m go on say choose one color for the frames. Now a lot of gallery walls have a lot of different color frames a lot of different materials and I think the back and look great and really given eclectic luck but for simplicity terms if you’re creating your first gallery wall just pick one color. Today we’re going to go with black. So tip number two you’ve got to get some supplies. Now admittingly I am not that handy but there’s just a few simple things you need to get your gallery wall going. You’re go on need a hammer you’re go on need nails you’re go on need painters tape measuring tape and a level and you’re good to go.

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So tip number three is have fun with your layout. So what you want to do is you want to get on the floor with all your frames and start moving them around see what you like and having fun. I always suggest starting with the biggest piece first and maybe making that a little off to the center and then playing around with all the other frames keeping them about two to three inches apart. And lastly once you’ve got it to a position that you like tape out a large square where you put your gallery wall on the wall and that’ll help keep it collected and cohesive. So tip number four I think add some sculptural items to your gallery wall. Especially if you’re going all one color with frames. So when I say sculptural items just think of things that actually stand out from the wall.

So it could be in this case we’ve done different letters you can put on it or different art sculptures it just adds to the textural and eclectic flair of your gallery wall. And tip number five just commit. Go for it! So once you’ve got it down on the floor the way you like it you can take a picture of it. You could also if you want actually cut out the frame sizes with paper and put it on the wall. I admittingly don’t do this I take a picture and then transfer it to the wall but if you want that step it is helpful. So have some fun playing with it. Get the layout that you like put it on the wall and again it’s something you can add to or subtract from as you grow. So if I’ve inspired you to create your own gallery wall I’d love you to share and leave a comment below.

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