Garage Floor Covering Ideas

Garage Floor Covering Ideas

Natural floor-coverings


Coir is a fibre derived from coconut husks that is spun and woven to make a latex-backed floor-covering. Its coarse and hairy quality makes a strongly textured flooring material which can be woven into many different patterns basketweave, boucle, herringbone, diamonds some wonderfully three-dimensional. Natural coir is a warm brown colour but a more neutral, bleached form is also available. Coir can be dyed with plain colours, or several colours can be interwoven to create subtle two-colour weaves or vividly coloured stripes. Probably most familiar as the traditional doormat, it is indeed particularly suitable for areas of heavy wear such as hallways, as it is easy to clean with a stiff brush and vacuum cleaner. B

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Although traditionally used as a carpet backing, jute is one of the finest and softest of natural floor-covering mat-erials. It is made from yarn derived from the fibrous stalks of the jute plant and woven into either a boucle or herringbone pattern. Naturally a pale neutral brown, it can be bleached to create a very pale cream, or dyed and then woven, rather like a carpet, to create simple coloured patterns. Different weights of yarn create finer or heavier textures. As jute is so soft it is ideal for bedroom floors, but it is not a practical material for areas of heavy wear as it is difficult to clean and develops watermarks if it gets wet. El


Rush has been used as a flooring material since the Middle Ages when it was strewn onto cold flagstones to soften them. The wide, thin rush leaves are plaited and then woven into strips that can be stitched together to cover any width of floor. The edges can be finished with a finely woven rush braid. Rush matting is a pale, warm brown that can look fantastic in the right setting. It is more expensive than other types of matting and should only be used with care in areas of light wear. It should not be allowed to dry out otherwise it will become brittle and crack, so it is perfect for floors that are slightly damp; alternatively sprinkle it with water every week or two.

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