Garden Design For Full Sun

Garden Design For Full Sun

Wallpaper Wisdom

Busy, patterned wallpaper is once again in style. Used on bedroom walls it’s more suited to large rooms and balanced with large pieces of furniture such as an ornate armoire and four-poster bed.

A Citrus Mix

In southern climates we’ve always found daring mixes of citrus colors that are warm and exciting at the same time. Painted furniture and colorful quilts are part of this scheme and just as these items work with our country homes, they warm up a modern environment as well. Exuberantly colorful fabrics and finishes can be used in rooms of every style.

Ice Cream Shades

Never before have so many shades of pastel ice cream colors like pistachio and strawberry been used on everything, even wooden furniture. It’s a refreshing look that’s easy and inexpensive to achieve. When a new color palette hits the scene, I simply buy a small item such as a vase, cover a throw pillow, or repaint a yard-sale find in one of the new colors in order to keep my home looking fresh.

White Is Always Right

When all is said and done, I still favor shades of white and even if I don’t get to it for two more years, I fully intend to create my all-white rooms even if it’s out of style and chartreuse is totally cool. I once made the statement, “Totally cool grandparents don’t have white sofas.” I should have added, “Unless the furniture is covered with machine-washable slipcovers.”

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