Garden design plans

Gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show.
It takes between
four tosixyearsfor a bluebell seed to grow.
4 Samuel Ryder, founder of golfs RyderCup,made his fortune selling packets of garden seeds.
5 The African golden mole is more closely related to the elephant than to the garden mole!
6 Garden gnomes were brought to England from Germany in 1847 by Sir Charles Isham. He hoped they would attract real gnomes to his garden.
Weird and wonderful facts about our garden birds
1 Blue tits and great tits time their breeding
with the emergence of caterpillars – great food for growing chicks. Parent birds deliver more than 10,000 to their young.
2 A pair of robins weigh roughly the same as one chicken egg.
Not all birds are expert nest builders – sometimes collared doves find their chicks fall through their flimsy nests.
4 Migrating swallows cover 200 miles a day, mainly during dayli t, at speeds of 17-22mph.
The term for a of group of sparrows is a host or a tribe.
6 Robins and wrens share a reputation for nesting in strange places – sheds, greenhouses, hanging baskets, and even a pocket in washing left on the line.
7 In winter, tiny birds like wrens sleep together at night for warmth. An incredible 63 wrens were once found in a single nest box.
8 The robin is one of the few UK birds to sing all year round. It’s one of the earliest birds to start the dawn chorus and one of the last to stop singing at night. It can easily be triggered into full song in the middle of the night. Starlings are outstanding mimics and incorporate accurate copies of sounds of other birds, frogs and mammals, nd even mechanical f sounds, into their song. bscribe now for £1 an issue! Go to
Blue tits used to open milk bottle tops to drink the cream. Amazingly, they stopped when semi-skimmed milk became popular!
1621, is the oldest botanical garden in the UK and is still committed to botanical research and conservation.
The Classical Gardens of Suzhou, China. These gardens on the eastern coast of China were built over a 1,000-year period. The oldest is the Canglang Pavilion, a 1.6 hectare garden built in 1044.
Sigiriya Gardens, Sri Lanka. An ancient palace complex of terraced gardens, ponds and huge stone carvings, developed in the fifth century. Possibly the oldest surviving garden in the world.
Alhambra Gardens, Spain. The stunning red palace of the last Moorish rulers of southern Spain, built in the mid-thirteenth century, was surrounded by gardens that were designed to be a paradise on earth.
Padua Botanic Garden, Italy. Founded in 1545 by Benedictine monks, this is the oldest university botanic garden in the world.
i, France. The first gardens of this grandest of European palaces were laid out in the 1630s.
Lambeth Palace garden, London, has
been around since the 12th century, and is the oldest continuously cultivated garden in London.

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