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My potager vegetables
Lettuce Semi-cos Freckles (green with dark spots) and Little Leprechaun (red leaves with green and red heart); Little Gem Intred (reddish-purple); butterhead Marvel of Four Seasons Courgettes Yellowy-orange Atena Polka’, light green Clarion and dark green Nero di Milano Runner beans Celebration (salmon pink flowers), Desiree (white flowers) and St George (red and white flowers)
I’m hoping Santa might leave me some seeds and plants to create a potager. Not a huge one like Villandry or Versailles has, but just big enough tofitin my back garden – 2 x 4m (6% x 13ft) would be fine. The definition of a potager is a kitchen garden, but I think the modern understanding of a potager is a garden in which you can grow fruit, flowers and vegetables alongside each other. Ifit’s colourful and attractive, even better.
Mini and patio vegetable varieties are perfect for a potager, together with some spotted and
bronze-leafed lettuces, different-coloured dwarf beans and red, yellow, orange and white chard. I’d also add red, white and yellow beetroot to the list. Some climbing beans have pink and red flowers as well as white, and the red and white blooms of runner bean Painted Lady are as colourful as sweet peas. Broad

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