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How do I help my tree?
QHow do I help my Christmas tree to stop shedding needles? Cathy Reeve, by email
A There are two easy ways to avoid this. The first is to pay extra and buy a non-shedding variety such as Nordmann Fir’. As well as
staying on the tree for longer, the needles lack the sharp spine at the tip.
The other way is to keep your tree fresh and healthy. That’s difficult with trees lifted or sawn too early and then stored long before Christmas. So try to buy a specimen that still has roots, and use a local tree grower if you know one.
Keep your tree outside until just before the festivities. Conifers absorb water through foliage, so sprinkle yours from time to time until you bring it indoors. Then plant it in a big pot or place the severed stem in a bucket of water disguised with attractive paper or decorations.

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