Garden Designs Yellow

Garden Designs Yellow

Cleaning and storing brushes

If you take the time to care correctly for your brushes, you will greatly extend their life. Wash brushes used for water-based paint or wood stains in water. For brushes used for oil painting, wash in white spirit to loosen the paint then wash in warm soapy water; proprietary brush cleaner is expensive but worthwhile if you have invested in the best brushes. Rinse cleaned brushes thoroughly, then work them against a clean rag to get the worst of the water off.

For overnight storage, suspend brushes with oil-based paint on them in water, with the brushes clear of the bottom, by a wire through a drilled hole in the handle. For shorter-term storage, wrap in foil or clingfilm to keep them wet.

For long-term storage, when brushes are clean, shake any excess water off the brush and place a rubber band around the bristles to help it to keep its shape as it dries. Rest it on its side. When completely dry, wrap brushes in paper and store in a dry place.

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