In die end, I somehow figured out a way to fit every single toy in die shop. Now diat it’s complete, maybe I will stop hoarding every tiny toy I see…but diat’s not likely. PTTW1

Gabriele Layne’s Bambino Baby Boutique is the place to go to find everything you will need for your twelfth scale baby Being born in Germany and growing up there, I was exposed to the traditional environment of many different handicrafts. In the late 80s I started collecting miniatures because everything small fascinated me, especially doll’s house furnishings and accessories.

For years I would read the miniature magazines that were available overseas. I enjoyed attending shows in Germany and I also visited the Birmingham Miniatura show.

When I see my items that were purchased there so many years ago they remind me of all tlie talented artisans and how excited I was to see every Since 1992 my love for making tiny objects has grown. For some reason, making shops and stores are the most intriguing for me. I guess it is because so many things can be placed inside them.

With a bachelor’s degree in cartography (mapmaking) I enjoy tlie detail of everything being reduced in size.


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