Germany’s Arzberg

Germany’s Arzberg follows up its popular Profi monochrome dinnerware available in the United States at Bloomingdale’s, for instance with Serena, an Art Nouveau-inspired dinnerware set that’s distinguished by its unique leaded glass-like floral pattern. The design is by Serena Confalonieri, who describes the undulating white line as the collection’s decorative centerpiece.
Two colorways are available Serena Dark and Serena Light the latter offering a timely mix of Mint and Coral.
Ann-Carin Wiktorsson’s Green planter offers a charming way to nurture one’s green thumb. The base and glass dome of the diminutive container create a fertile environment for forcing seeds and preserving cuttings, growing fresh herbs or simply tending to a beautiful bud. Sagaform offers the base in a pretty palette of Lavender Blue, Pink and Sage Green. With the glass dome in place, Green measures about 9 inches high. A range of pint-sized gardening tools is available, too.
Green planter on stand with glass dome. From Sagaform.
Serena Light dinnerware from Germany’s Arzberg.

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