A Gorgeous Georgian-Era Dwelling in London Asks $2.2M

A Gorgeous Georgian-Era Dwelling in London Asks $2.2M

Clamp down. Many country decorators love mounting workaday antiques on the wall. Marcia hung an old wood clamp on her sitting room wall and then secured a few old books in it to add color, texture and an element of surprise.


A Gorgeous Georgian-Era Dwelling in London Asks $2.2M Photo Gallery


Sew that’s the sink. Pedestal sinks are a dime a dozen, but Marcia had an unused treadle sewing machine base and a great idea. I built the box, got the sink for $7, and set the sink in, she explains, adding that a plumbertook care of the rest. The result is not only gorgeous but a conversation piece to boot.


Exterior, House Building Type, and Brick Siding Material Roupell Street is in a conservation area of modest, brick terrace houses  in London that was first developed by John Palmer Roupell in the 1820s.

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Exterior, Brick Siding Material, Gable RoofLine, and House Building Type The house is equipped with Nest systems, and has a charging dock for electric cars in the garden.

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Light floods the living room through the triple window clad with beautiful old trim, which Marcia shows to best advantage by forgoing fabric treatments.The corner cupboard, rescued from the dump and then painted and distressed, hides the television, and a seaman’s chest tops a braided rug Marcia made herself.

Kitchen, Light Hardwood Floor, Ceramic Tile Backsplashe, White Cabinet, and Cooktops The kitchen and dining areas have parquet floors. Large, pivoting glazed doors open to the paved garden.

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The rustic sign, lovely old oak-trimmed mirror and pint-size shelves filled with smalls unify this cozy living room seating area.The natural-hued upholstered chair looks especially inviting draped in a coverlet and a plump pillow.

Dining Room, Table, Light Hardwood Floor, Pendant Lighting, Wall Lighting, and Chair The pitch of the roof of the new addition was left exposed to create a more voluminous feel. 

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Right: In a sweet corner of the sitting room, an elegant fabric that looks like needlework covers a larger chair, and a child’s ladderback chair shows off part of an old quilt.

Dining Room, Wall Lighting, Table, Chair, Light Hardwood Floor, and Pendant Lighting A map of Central London currently adorns the new dining and kitchen extension.

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Outdoor, Back Yard, Trees, Shrubs, and Large Patio, Porch, Deck The dark blue, street-side door leads into the garden.

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Hallway and Light Hardwood Floor From the landing, a half flight of stairs leads to the two bedrooms on the first floor.

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Kitchen, Wall Oven, Cooktops, Ceramic Tile Backsplashe, Microwave, and White Cabinet Marble and mosaic tiles are used for the simple, minimalistic kitchen, which includes a larder cupboard. 

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Office, Chair, Light Hardwood Floor, Desk, Study Room Type, and Shelves A study boasts built-in shelves for books or decorative vignettes.

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Living Room, Rug Floor, Chair, Coffee Tables, Table Lighting, Sofa, Shelves, Light Hardwood Floor, and Standard Layout Fireplace In the reception room is a lounge area with a gas fire at one end, and a study space with a built-in desk and shelves. 

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Bedroom, Wall Lighting, and Bed Both the bedrooms have built-in wardrobes.

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Bedroom, Table Lighting, Night Stands, and Bed The original sash windows were upgraded, painted a rich blue color, and fitted with a double set of internal Venetian shutters. 

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Bath Room, One Piece Toilet, and Soaking Tub Next to the kitchen is a discreet toilet, and next to that, a door that leads down to a basement that was converted into a utility area with a worktop and Corian sink.


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