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FURTHER READING Life in the Georgian City by Dan Gruikshank and Neil Burton (Viking, 1990, £25) contains an excellent account of paint as used in the Georgian house. The Georgian Group's invaluable advisory guides to all aspects of houses include no. 4′ on Paint Colour, which is full of information on what was used where, and how to restore it.£2. 75 + 19p postage.

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The Georgian Group, 37 Spital Square, El (tel: 0171-377 1722). GOURMET DINING RECIPES Colour and Culture by John Gage (Thames and Hudson, 1993, £45) traces the changing practice and meaning of colour from Antiquity to Abstraction, providing fascinating new insights with impressive erudition. The long-awaited books on aesthetic and technical aspects of historic paintwork, written by the country's leading authority, Dr Ian Bristow, will be published soon by Yale University Press.


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