Green Home Design Ideas

Green Home Design Ideas

Wall displays

Faded patchwork quilts and fragile kelims look splendid against a wall that softly echoes one of their colours – they need to be hung with care. Battens hung by chains from the picture rail, or screwed into the wall, and then stapled with Velcro are one answer; the fabric can then be carefully sewn to the corresponding strip of Velcro (see also page 180).

Pictures and their frames need to be assembled and displayed with a sensitive eye. There should be a common denominator or two for a collection – period, colour, mood or texture – and the frames should echo the paintings in some way (see the example on page 148). Think also about a toning background colour to bind the whole composition together.

A single, favourite painting can be a good guide to the colour scheme for a room – after all, colour is the painter’s profession. It is worth analysing the range and proportions of colours used, so you can emulate them on wall and windows, in paint and fabric.

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