Green Home Designs Floor Ideas

Green Home Designs Floor Ideas

Making the most of collections

First of all, you need to take a long look at what you have and grasp its essential character and particularity. For example, glass and sunlight together make a glittering prismatic show; by comparison, unlit glass

Displays above windows

All sorts of spare surfaces and ledges make effective display areas for collections. This window frame provides a perfect setting for a charming frieze of tiny wooden houses – a miniature example of ribbon development.

Cupboard display There is a solemn humour about American folk artefacts that makes a happy partnership with a simple pine step-back cupboard. The combination of straightforward design and sophisticated colour produces a look which is, in the bestAmish tradition, plain but strong has no sparkle. So a collection, say, of cut glass jars and containers might be shown off to advantage on glass shelves across a window, or where the sun traces an early morning arc. The brightness and glitter of lit glass is doubled when backed by mirrors.

Coloured glass, like sapphire Bristol glass, glows brilliantly against the light. Consider achieving a similar effect by filling clear containers with brightly-coloured antique marbles or, in a bathroom, with a rainbow of bath oils.

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