Green Interior Design Ideas

Green Interior Design Ideas

Green is the color that is considered to be the most restful for the eyes, making it perfect for your family room or living room If you’re looking for a color that combines calming blue and cheery yellow, then this is perfect for you. Green gives that perfect balance of cool and happy so you can use it as a main color for decorating just about any room This color helps relieve stress and gives your room a fresh feeling so it would definitely work well in a home office.

If you go back to the times of William Morris and the Arts & Crafts movement, green was commonly used because of its links with nature. Some of the most stunning rooms use the arts and crafts paper to this day and still look wonderful. If you can’t afford to do a whole room, why not have a panel? You can make one by buying a plain frame and simply wallpapering on a piece of card large enough to be placed within that frame.

Making panels to fit the walls of your home also gives you instant artwork at a fraction of the price, so you can make your home look stylish even on a stretched budget.

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