Hi guys as you know my name is Abby and we’re the bad girls and this year we got invited to be part of buffer post Festival which, if you don’t know what the post festival I here in Toronto which we are very excited about. Because it’s hometown and for buffer they want you to premiere a never seen before post so this is our buffer post buffer was just this past weekend and so high, if you guys are there and make sure you remember next year, if you guys weren’t there. But you are in the Toronto area.


But, if you are from out of the city or out of the country curious what you would have seen you came to see us cus you missed a bunch of others will stop the Pythons weekend so for our screening we want to do something that was not typical as far as like a DIY or lifestyle post goes I want to like flex our post School arm and try to come something a little bit more cinematic and true to what we learned in post school so what we did is we sat down had just a number relaxed conversation with some elders that we knew which people that we would consider to be the og mobilize support was really it’s friends it’s kind of trendy right now mm-hmm. But there was an entire generation that just did it as a lifestyle a necessity exactly and just awarding that this isn’t a typical DIY or lifestyle post we didn’t want to do something a little different flex our post school arm and sell you picking up bring back some of our building skills that we’ve learned to that so hope you guys enjoy so hello everybody I’m Becky. And I’m Abby and together we have a blog called the sori girls are we all familiar with yeah kind of put your hand up, if you’ve ever seen that post before lockdown you barely good crowd eat it was just a place where you can upload posts and hold them, and we upload DIY content do you guys know what DIY is Do It Yourself oh yeah I guess so I’m sure you are all DIYs whether you know it or not, and we like to pride ourselves on being GI wires. So we want to show you some of things that we made and see, if you can identify them or want to know, if you guys would make it any like this or find it useful what’s it the first one does anyone know what it might be used for I think you put a candle pretty good maybe we use it as a plant holder.

But yes you could put anything in it it’s at home it’s not it’s about okay so what this is is something called a bath bomb, and we have a post on how to make those and here’s another one I think it’s pretty obvious so, when her first questions is what have you guys DIY in the past at an early age I realized I wasn’t much of a presser my food the soul world. So I attacked on these apples well it wasn’t a very good job I got a deal going in my feet the second day I wasn’t wearing them and so today, when something goes wrong I don’t my neighbor there, when he died his wife gave it to me and then I stripped it all down and refinished it. But the stickers on everybody, when I go in to Tim Hortons I get a free coffee with this one one thing that talk about do-it-yourself Mike my grief no my grandfather my dad’s father was of course our landscaper into England and he used to cut lawns. But in those days it was a little thing you pushed you know.

But it did cut the grass. But it kind of pushed and he got thinking well this is ridiculous I’m not gonna walk around doing this all the time so he got a pony and the pony pulls that thing I’m holding the pony pulling this little dress and there you know and it’s so cute I just loved that picture growing up we made our own entertainment it was in 1931 no time for heart sugar and two of the things as I look back I treasure the most were very simple one was a slingshot over here made on the crotch in a branch of the tree took pieces of rubber from an oval tube and a leather pouch on the back from the world shoe that was more than worn out was it your shoe life was simple in society generally speaking as lost your generation has lost a lot of creativity that we had to live with the necessity there got their fingers on these iPads and forgot about real life and you know other things so get hard is there going to be in big trouble. Because they don’t use their hands they don’t use your name for some of us older ones to watch and see what’s happening to reset to see our generation growing up. But it was very little of real-life people today don’t have to work as hard as we did I give them credit they’re real achievers today they’re real smart I think one a lot probably biggest problems is that with everybody working in the family and probably and you got so busy that there just isn’t sufficient finally time to relate on skills or remembrances.

And I know as I’ve grown older I’ve recognized that I was too long an hours from early in the morning fall late at night and you didn’t really pass along everything to your children that you should at that. But that has to be continued we still have responsibilities there listen what I’m saying all right before you guys enjoyed that don’t wear wool we’ll be back to making regular DIY content after this always fun to show you guys what we make it look super proud of it yeah after this short break you’re like little bit back to DIY after this short break thank you everyone that has joined us through the Halloween season it is definitely our like busiest and like most looking forward to. But not looking forward to stressful exciting time of the year for us so thank you for joining us whether it was your first year or you’ve been here lots of times before and hopefully you guys do have an awesome Halloween, if you made any of the costumes that we showed you how to make obviously someone to us. Because we want to see that yeah we’d love looking you guys costumes.

Because they you guys see they’re pretty well so it likes it better than us sometimes alright so thank you so much for reading guys and, if you liked it like it and, if you love it sub it and we’ll secure city.

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