I didn’t copy you I just thought it and then notice that you were the same thing hi everyone I’m healthy. And I’m Becky rich bad girls yep yeah we are and today we’re doing the hashtag shine strong tag created by Pantene this is a movement about women shining strong in day to day life yeah doing what we do best. So we partnered up with Pantene to do this egg with you guys we were awful sense of Awesome Pantene sporadic soy and panty is also do stuff with 10-10-10 gift boxes for you so in coupons and it should stay tuned till the end of this post.

So you can find out how to get those. So we had a lot of questions in the comments about our hair and how we get hair like this and how we do curls okay so pretty much what I do is I’ll have a shower recently I’m using the Pantene repair and protect it was just great. Because I got a lot of damaged hair going on big time so it helps out a lot it’s pretty much I have a shower I’ll even let it air dry or let it flow a drive my or take forever so going to do what happens and then I pretty much just do these curls the flat iron and just kind of angle it girls I’d turn my hair like kind of wavy. Because I’m very spinning flat hair so.

But just cut straight down it feels so what girl needs the volume volume. So I killed it with a curling iron. Because I have been trying to use my flat iron. And I used to find it curling here with my flutter.


But really my hair like I got a haircut it’s too short it just becomes like one kind of curl wave it’s just not working. So we went with the curling iron today the name stem pyncheon say to keep it in place okay hopefully laughs all night you know who’s going out tonight we’re going out that’s theme of this week’s post is shine strong and all about how you can be strong and shine your own suckers segues into the first questions of this tag which is shine strong is my answer this question is confidence I think that shining strong is the confidence who you are and what you believe in and just be confident in the arts person Danny up for what you believe in no my feeling exactly the same literally do you want know how many times a day I hear so confidence the confidence is real in this one next question is what is the biggest thing you’ve ever done. And I’m gonna say I’ve ever done my face on a lot haters out there and that gets ugly sometimes. So I just a the bravest thing I ever did was deciding to go off to college for post school it was super last-minute decisions for me like I didn’t know what I want to do for all of high school I kind of just chose something and it was really hard for me to stick with something and move away from home didn’t know anyone that I was going to school that all kind of just went off on my own and stuck with it luckily good I’m really glad that’s my decision so I’m glad that I ended up doing that question 3 is what do you do to unwind so my favorite things to do, when I unwind is take off all my makeup after a really long hard day just feeling nice fresh putting my hair up in a bun.

Because it’s all of my face the whole day long and then just putting on some good TV like a favorite TV show or movie really gets me relaxed sometimes I come home from work. And I do exactly what Becca just said or sometimes I like to just enjoy that I’m not at work anymore. And I just like walk around Toronto or like stop by the BS or just do whatever anything that I can do now that I’m free love and love sweet times exactly so question number four is what is one thing you’ve always want to learn and that’s really easy for me I’ve always want to learn a different language we learn French growing up. Because you have to Canadians.

But that didn’t really stick. And I didn’t really care. But now I’m like oh I’d really like to know French or Spanish or something. So I was like sexy.

And I said my eyes like half answer um I already kind of know how to play guitar buds love to be like amazing at it every time I see people that are like so good a guitarist like why can I be you I know I just stick with it more at practice which I don’t. But that’s something I wish I was better at for sure the next question is how did your BFF shine strong finances for Abby I think Ike healthy shine strong mostly, when she’s like in her element doing things that she loves especially at her work doing like producers just kind of organizing things for sure she loves it just good at it I think Becky’s shy and strong, when I was going through the exact same thing, when you’re in your element like booking creative or kind of put those post ideas actually you shine strong, when you come up with a post idea. And I’m like maybe not you’re like no I swear that’s not good this is how it’s gonna work out. And I’m like and then we do it and it like everyone loves it I don’t like don’t you miss one no.

But you’re shining stronger do you like stick up for what you believe in turn your mom like, when you good yet you know it’s a good idea be strong about it girls do it take questions tick is what natural talent would you like to be gifted with I don’t really know, if this is a talent okay I want to have a better memory like I wish I was one of those people that could like remember your face remember your name like you’ve always talked to me about like famous people. And I know like this is something that everybody knows. But remember laughs oh you know what what’s your face in that new movie. And I’m like after who say what like I do not remember.

So I need like to catch up to everybody else’s memory and then just like exceed it w playing natural town that’s really just like something I should have any okay my answer for this is definitely I wish that I was born and good singers. Because I’m not at all. And I think, if you sweet – just like bust out a party it’s just it’s like to be good I’ve just like really nice okay next question is what is your idea of happiness and my answer for this is I think being happy is being totally content with the situation that you’re in not wanting anything more not regretting things in the past is being totally at peace and he’s really happy with how you are excited I think that your happiness for me my idea of happiness would be yes I guess it’s like right now it would be having a family in the future and having a job that I love to feel like I don’t want that right now. But yeah.

So I guess it would be the same thing with being content with in your situation having everything I was likes, when I’m older yeah right yeah and have great hair am i right next question number eight is what is your motto or words by um words I live by our kill you makes you stronger Kelly what what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger the question where I don’t remember okay I said yes I had a PD see I like to say that, if I use one like dinner oh yeah makes you stronger Becky my job food on the ground believe that it’s in that time, when you’re putting a bug in my face I don’t think that makes me stronger the words I live by I know it’s cliche by it’s like to live by everything happens for a reason whether it’s like a month from now or a year from now I usually find that, if I look back on my career situation I can realize there was a reason for that and it kind of taught me something. Because it didn’t kill you and it made you stronger oh yeah that’s what is our ultimate science wrong silence I think we’re gonna rockin them today yeah PR, when it down and flowy yes volume is voluminous five memory generating so much right now take the loose waves voluminous type deals are saying you know it yeah it’s like effortless pathetic tragic enjoy all right next question number ten is finish this sentence I love steer clear days. Because they make me feel confident and like on top of the world. And I’m gonna take the day by the horns seize this bull by the horns.

But alright alright no take the book something about bull and having morons makes you feel confident and like I got this okay pretty much payments over here comments on first by having good hair I’m just like yeah chill this rule the world with this hair really really good here they show the world your girl spent number eleven and share your best tips for strong and healthy hair and my big tip super moisturize just like you wouldn’t want try this skin to keep it really healthy I think that having a really good conditioner and using like oils in your hair and makes a huge difference especially for me keeping it not all dried out really good tip and night oh so many tips I know we’re good no. But it’s to get a trim like a lot even though like it doesn’t trimming your hair it makes it longer oh yeah. Because, if you grow an inch. But it breaks the often is you’re getting nowhere girlfriends no way.

But, if you trim it like a quarter of an inch and it grows an inch now would get in some way okay three quarters somewhere number 12, if I shine strong when. And I think I shine strong, when I’m on you know around people’s I love promotes like my friends and my family I think that really puts me in a happy place is being her happy and I’d that makes me happiest I guess that. And I think that I’m shining really strong right then my second I shine strong, when I’m like doing something that I’m good at. And I love like the husband Nanna bread or like I’m in the workplace and like owning this own it or on before like editing I’m like yo this is look oh yeah that’s gonna shine is strong oh you in this by myself like this is Matt there’s no good right now feeling good is smelling good in another one I really hope you guys enjoyed our answers to this tag, and we definitely take everybody out there to do this tag just let us know, if you do do it and, if you want to specific people we tags it’s in the description and we’re also speeding it alright the moment you guys are waiting for this is all your giveaway information and an action coupon info so there is a coupon and it is on the end slate that you will see and it’s also linked in the description below and the giveaway details alright.

So we have 10 awesome ice axe eBay which mentioned earlier and we’re going to be spreading the winners all platforms so how it’s going to work is we’re going to be giving away four bright attacks on zips blog on here so all I gotta do is in the comments below is tell us how you guys trained strong and then you’ll find two more people with bad sex we’re going to tweet a photo that has the details they’re gonna just be like comment and yeah so just head over there and you’ll see that and you can win two more which will before we got to Instagram accounts guys and the final two of our 10 that you can win are on our bad girls twitter which is at doe bad girls and you just tweet us how you shine strong in use half-baked shia and also we’d love it, if you were following us on all the so much yeah at the moment you enter so, if you miss any of that all the information will be below in the description for you guys to read, and we will see you in our next post thanks for reading guys hi guys we don’t do that we say yeah.

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