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Getting set for Halloween. So we thought if we wanted the decor we needed the right expert College rare you were the one that is near you ah we’re not carving pumpkins you know this is the non carve pumpkin ideas because this is my opinion but I think carving is messy right you got to put the pumpkins outside and for young kids they can’t handle the knife. So it ends that the parents are doing it not the kids. So I say here’s some ideas for the non carve pumpkins that you can do this weekend what I’m go on get you started I like what you’re saying here and I like when you put me to work with the deposition. So we’re go on start right here what are we go on do this is decoupage ring yeah jaicko punching now I’m acosta what are your exactly i heard that.

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So I’m really excited yeah I painted the pumpkin first you don’t need to basically all you need is a varnish or decoupage and you could have tissue wrapping paper newspaper magazines and all you’re going to do is coat the pumpkin with the decoupage you’re going to put the tissue little on top a little there you go and then you put the decoupage back over top right on top I’ll let you work on that. So I will get to my dick collaging over here okay what you till it’s over here. So again with the non carving theme that we’re going with I think why not paint a pumpkin and why not paint it non traditional hauling color. So I use one of my favorite local brands fat paint and painted maybe pumpkin here which I love because Navy’s very in trend for decor and then what i did is used a pencil crayon and actually spelt out the word eek on here and use some tax and put the gold thumbtacks is again gold very on trend to spell out the word eek. So so simple really easy I think you could keep this inside the house and you could put like a different you know whatever word you want on there to shave her yeah anything that’s really refreshing and how many coats of paint are you putting on this is this was too yeah this was too yeah yeah and then on to my pink pumpkin again non traditional colors here.

So I paid to the pumpkin pink and then picked up these spiders at the dollar store that have little stickies on the back and basically just did the spider on the pumpkin. So you could do this you can actually make the spiders you get a little bath I mean all these things are everywhere right now. So so inexpensive and fun and these are things my five and eight year old did all these projects and I’ll very easy I always hear that the dollar store is the place to go because they have. So many oh yeah great accessories for halloween what is your favorite place to go to get the decor and everything we know what a lot of times I look like you have these things at home like you might have some paint at home or this one I spray painted but the dollar store this was tissue I looked in my like gift wrapped box you know you’ve got old tissue laying around.

So look at your home first and then put the last or second sure normal good this one we spray painted gold because I always love a little bit of gold and then I put my daughter’s mask on there. So just sparkly mask. So can’t get much easier than that going on and my favorite that you’re doing here at the decoupage Inge. So this makes me want to just a collage everything again use whatever you have at home I used a fun tissue but you can use magazines with you that looks. So great nice and easy. So great and then my last but not least because it’s. So cute it’s little owls look at that. So cute. So this one I didn’t paint just to show you don’t always have to do it this one gold and just some felt crafts belt ahead at home cut out some circles and my daughter’s glued it on. So sweet you were set as your house totally dunno probably it’s going to be after this right yeah yeah it’s go on be okay you brought some goodies for us what are we go on give away this is like a DIY kit from fat page. So you can do your own DIYs now. So some frames and some of their most popular colors and their wax to put on it yeah I’m excited to see what the winner does with it help everybody get in the mood there you see the details on screen email us contests at bt vancouver dot see a subject line that paint good luck happy halloween Carla thinks is over thank you happy Halloween.

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