Haunt Your House Using Halloween Illusion Decorations

Haunt Your House Using Halloween Illusion Decorations

Leing thrifty and welcoming the spring season seem to go hand in hand. Celebrating the early days of renewed life and sunshine need not be showy and commercial, but instead shouldbe natural and organic. To achieve this look, stroll your yard to collect twigs, natural mosses, blades of grass and early blossoms. Scavenge the garage or shed for warmly weathered terra-cotta pots and garden statues that can be placed in entryway vignettes or tablescapes. Visit the grocery store and purchase a mix of local farm eggs in shades of blue and brown, and supplement your own flowers with store-bought bundles of tulips and hyacinths.

Once you have gathered all ofyour supplies, you can start incorporating spring flourishes throughout your home. Move beyond just centerpieces and decorate entryways and sideboards, open shelves andbench tops. Arrange a side table with a tiered stand festooned with eggs, or fill a crock with a cluster of grass to team with a diminutive garden statue.

The hallmark of thrifty decorating is to develop a keen sense for using and reusing what you have around the house. Be creative and repurpose pieces in nontraditional ways. For warm-weather decorating, choose items that you might use in your garden or for arranging flowers. Check basement shelves, under the kitchen sink and in your garage or shed for containers that you have employed in the past for growing plants or embellishing your garden or window box. Consider forcing branches from shrubs in your yard or gathering bare twigs and adhering silk flowers with a hot glue gun. Put moss and grass in old terra-cotta planters and crocks or wood crates and seedling boxes. Almost anything you have can be reborn as a planter or display for eggs, bulbs and flowers—just let your imagination be your guide!

Personalized Pots

Miniature clay pots are perfect for hosting tiny seasonal touches. Adopt them as place-card holders at an Easter gathering, or use them to decorate cupboards and niches throughout your home. Top a weathered pot with a little bird’s nest and a painted egg embellished with a decal letter, number or name. Nestle multiple pots in a divided wood tray as a centerpiece or position one on a bedside table.

Garden Gift Basket

To spread a bit of spring cheer, why not create a planting-themed gift for a friend or family member? Fill a vintage flowerpot with moss or raffia and then add items such as terrarium gardening tools, pretty spring blooms, a sculptural watering spike, a tiny trellis to train ivy and some decorative eggs. Wrap the basket in clear cellophane and attach a seasonal tag for gift giving.

Halloween Illusions Decorations Hand Pillow

Get an instant haunted look with this ghost pillow.
Halloween Illusions Decorations Zombie Hands

Give the illusion that you’re overrun with zombies using these hands.

Reaching zombie hands

Halloween Illusions Decorations Haunted Mirror

A haunted mirror effect can add thrills.

Animated mirror

Halloween Illusions Decorations 3D Mummy

Easy poster designs can also add some terrifying monsters to the mix.

3D posters as Halloween illusion decorations

Halloween Illusions Decorations Ghost Lights

Project ghosts on your walls for a classic haunted feel.

Ghost light show

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