I’m in a your glasses hello there I don’t actually wear glasses I just think they may be customer so first of all we want to let you know that, if you saw our Black Swan costume we want a contest with it thank you any of you voted or, if you didn’t thanks for not moving, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, when we get yeah what else we just uploaded a new post how to make Nutella macarons and super young oh we got a pad guess what it is is it you and tongue this is our pet Emily he’s super squirmy cuz he’s a baby still he’s about 8 weeks old.


And he’s an African pygmy hedgehog and he loves us sometimes so he has been hard priority for the last couple weeks Blaine partly yeah things Harley, if you want to see a post more about him specifically yeah we totes one make lots more posts hedgehogs or fashion or food or trees yeah I guess the real reason we have to make it is just. Because we don’t know what to do and then oh yeah we have Becky made a lovely circle skirt I love them, if you wanna know how to make this I can make given you all a little bit of knitting yeah it’s so easy I don’t even know how to knit.

And I made one so that’s saying something. So we just want to ask you guys what you want to see from us we’re stuck for ideas Oh are they eat you up so let us know which folks open to ideas yeah totes anything like any woven heat whoa keep PG people say bye Harley buh bye Harley you see your stuff.

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