Holiday Lighting Ideas Your Home

Holiday Lighting Ideas Your Home

Kumquat Wreath
A ring of kumquats and bay or lemon leaves makes a deliciously simple wreath. You’ll need a twelve-inch brass or heavy wire ring, twenty-six-gauge wire, an embroidery needle, about twenty kumquats, and about forty bay or lemon leaves. Using the large-eye needle and wire, thread the kumquats (through the ends) into a circle to fit around the twelve-inch ring. Wire the leaves to the ring. Then lay the necklace of kumquats over this and wire it to the ring. Hang with a deep green ribbon.
Woodland Wreath
Start with a fir wreath from the garden shop and make it more interesting by wiring boughs of long needle pines, eucalyptus, and cedar all around. Add a wired white organdy bow to delicately top if off.
Red All Over
Start with a no-frills evergreen wreath and add your own decorations to make it personal. I usually pick up a wreath when buying my Christmas tree. Here’s a simple project the kids can help with. Make wrapping paper with red and white designs and wrap small jewelry-size boxes to decorate the wreath. You can even decorate large pieces of paper in the same way to use for wrapping all your gifts. You will need: shiny white wrapping paper, red acrylic paint,
a natural sponge, a pencil with a new eraser end, red and white yarn.
1. Squirt a small amount of paint onto a paper plate or into a ceramic bowl (acrylic paint is completely washable).
2. Spread the shiny paper onto a work surface, dip the sponge into the paint, dab the excess onto newsprint, then pounce the sponge up and down on the white paper to create a random pattern of texture. Set this aside to dry.
3. Spread another sheet of paper. Dip the eraser end of the pencil into the paint and then dab it onto newsprint. Cover the paper with red polka dots.
You can continue to make all sorts of wrapping paper in this way. For example, use an artist’s brush to paint swirls all over one sheet, and a rubber stamp to make a repeat pattern over another. Let the paper dry, then use it to wrap small boxes. Tie each with a double strand of red and white yarn. Wire in place all around the wreath. Make a bow on the wreath with lots of red and white loops of yarn.

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