Today we have a really exciting holiday fashion lookbook for you yes as you guys know, when we do fashion we usually rope in some DIYs with oh yeah so today’s post is going to take you through multiple levels of fanciness whether you’re going to your friend’s house or an office party or a salade glam holiday party or do your XIV we got you covered don’t have everything we’re wearing links below. Because you guys always ask so it’ll be down there in the description box definitely alright let’s get into it okay so you’re chilling at home. But you’ve totally got a party to head out to tonight easy fix flip off those leggings and slip on some fringe trimmed pants these pants are actually a DIY we’re starting with a pair of thirsted jeans and we’re cutting them.


Because we want to be length to end mid-calf. But it’s up to you whether you want to cut yours out using some trim that we picked up from the fabric store we’re putting it around the jeans and then cutting off any excess so the trim on with the sewing machine and make sure that the ends are tucked. So that it doesn’t fray you could also hand stitches or use fabric glue with the fringe pants we add some little pointed toe booties and tucked in style the sweater now you’re ready for a simple holiday get-together with friends for the next look we’re taking off the booties pulling up our socks like literally then adding some fabulous chunky velvet heels we’re swapping the turtleneck sweater for a DIY de rack team to create this simple wrap tee you’re going to need to pick up a long t-shirt figure out where you want the t-shirt to end since we’re going to be cutting it a little bit shorter add the pins to this place make it cut a couple inches in and then curve downwards we’re going to make long hanging pieces fold the shirt in half and then repeat on the other side cut straight across the back of the shirt cut out a skinny you out of the front of the shirt, and we also cut off the hem. Because Jersey doesn’t really fray and this looks a little bit more sleek I didn’t made the ties a little bit slimmer put on the tea and cross the ties across each other figure out how loose or how tight you want the wrapped effect to be pinning them where the seam is you can use a few hand stitches to hold them in place and then cut off any extra hanging fabric to make sure you don’t see any raw edges you can tuck them underneath the shirt a little bit and then sewed them in place there I went with a half up half down hairstyle for this look and added a simple statement necklace to dress up the outfit I feel like to wear a t-shirt and pair of jeans this look is super classy and holiday ready so the last look we’re going to keep the heels.

Because they’re an absolute gem. But instead of jeans we’re going with a full-on dress we’re pulling this glittery spaghetti-strap dress over our t-shirt and wrapping some gorgeous metallic tassel inspired earrings to accentuate the details we’re going hair up for this look decisions of music for any holiday party and a long-sleeved top instead of a teeth. But dress have to look even more, if you got an extra glam party to go to I don’t know who’s going to those so I’ll just be writing this t-shirt all right here are another slew of looks starting with, when you’re at home in your comfy clothes. But you have plans so let’s go out with the leggings and end with some silky red overalls and little booties these overalls look great over this low-profile turtleneck sweater I finished off the look with these front facing hoop earrings overalls never looked so festive for the next look we’re getting rid of all these pieces except for these adorable booties with a statement heel and these are totally actually a DIY toast to make these blinged out booties we made a quick template of the heel on a piece of paper from there we took a bunch of different folk M’s from the craft store and began planning where we wanted to put them I also make sure that once you have your dream layout that you have enough gems to repeat it since we’ll be decorating each heel once your design has been decided on you can start gluing on your gems with super glue start with the center or edges and then fill in the rest repeat on both of the heels and you’re good to go we’re styling these booties with some black tights a green velvet dress and this amazing DIY faux fur vest to make this faux fur vest print out the template you can find on our blog link below, if all the pieces together and cut out the entire shape including the gray lines for the fabric we purchased three quarters of a yard of faux fur fold your fabric in half and place the gray side of the pattern along the fold and pin it in place cut out your shape make sure you comb the fur apart along the cut line so the fur trims nicely now we need to make an adjustment to the pattern cut off the gray bits so it’s just the black outline lay your fabric flat and unfold it and pin the template down and cut it out make sure your fur is laying the correct direction of the template another tip for, when cutting fur vacuumed the edges after cutting this will get rid of any stray fur and minimized shedding flip your pattern upside down and create a second piece you should now have your large back piece and two front pieces make sure that the armholes lay on top of one another with the good sides together and at the front of the vest has a slight be facing the opening with a fur push towards the inside and not sticking out pin up the tops and the sides up to the armhole sew or use serger along the seams flip it inside out and you’re done make sure, if you want to wash this that you hand wash this in air dry it this look is absolutely fierce and for some reason you find yourself needing to get even more dressed up well we got you we’re sad to see it go.

But we’re getting rid of the faux fur vest and our stockings and booties we found these chunky glittery heels that go perfectly with a casual bun glittery choker and festive red lips to really change up the look we’re adding a full tulle skirt right over our short velvet dress have you ever seen a look so holiday party ready in your life I hope you guys like that little look book and yes again everything is like for the description that we wore in this post, if you want to check it out which one was your favorite look also which one is your favorite DIY I asked Ike he was earlier I was like I can’t choose all my babies it’s so true they’re so good I love the fur vests personally alright thank you so much for reading guys, if you liked it make sure that you give it a like and, if you love it make sure you something.

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