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Effects for glass Frosted glass and finishes from sign-writing, specialist decorating shops and even hardware stores. The plastic can be used in sheets to cover a whole pane of glass or cut out to create individual designs. When creating a design this way, you will need to take into account to which side of the glass you will fix the plastic. In a bathroom, where condensation may get between the glass and the plastic, it may be preferable to apply the design to the outer side of the door. If this is the case, make sure that your original design has the image in reverse.

For a different frosted effect, self-adhesive plastic (not necessarily frosted) can be used as a mask, and around it a mixture of white paint and varnish can be stippled. Begin by drawing your design on paper (bear in mind that the shapes you cut out from it will represent the unfrosted part of the final window). Use a fine black marker. You could pin the paper to the window and draw in situ. Where

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1 Lay the design underneath sticky-backed plastic, transfer the design and cut it out with a craft knife.

2 Once the design has been cut, peel the sticky plastic the backing and stick the shapes onto the window par

3 Stipple the paint solution onto the surface of the overlapping it onto the edges of the plastic shapes.

4 When the paint is dry, peel the plastic shapes away from the window to reveal the clear glass undemeatr

While preserving privacy and yet allowing natural light to filter in, different types of glass combine happily here around two sides of this walk-in shower glass blocks divide it from the bath, while the door has been etched. A similar effect to this chequerboard with palm trees can be achieved with a frosting technique.

Frosted, patterned and coloured glass have long been used for window panes to give privacy or simply to add a decorative aspect to a window. Coloured glass has been popular for centuries and since the early nineteenth century homes have been decorated with coloured, cut, etched and painted panes. Coloured glass can be used to make windows and glazed doors more interesting and it becomes really beautiful when sunlight streams through it, creating pools of tinted light on walls and ceilings. Frosted windows are useful where light needs to be admitted to a room where an element of screening is also required.

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