Home Decor For Living Room

Home Decor For Living Room

Gathering your Samples and Making a Design Clipboard Now that you have an idea of the style that you are looking for, do browse through magazines for ideas and clip out any pictures that you think will help you in your search for the perfect style.

You need a clipboard with your plan attached to it and the things that you need to start seeking are ideas that you want to put into practice within that space. You will first need to decide upon the color palette that you will use for the room as this is vital to your choice of fabrics and accessories and paint colors, as well as ornament and wallpaper.

If you have items which are upholstered, then you will need to take digital photos of these if you know that the upholstery is not something that you are going to change. Often you have to work with what you have and use the main colors of items which will not change to balance with any new colors that you introduce to the room

For example, you may have a dark blue armchair, but that doesn’t mean your whole room has to be blue. You have to choose clever color schemes which blend with the blue rather than make the whole area blue. Look at the image below and you will see what is meant by this. In fact, very little about the room in question is blue.

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