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Hey everyone welcome back in today’s post I’m sharing a home decor haul from home goods TJ Maxx and Marshalls some of my favorite favorite stores, if you’re new here welcome I’m so happy to have you don’t forget to hit the comment button. So you can be part of the family I’d love to have you here and also don’t forget to hit the bell button.

So you can be notified as soon as I post this big gold pillow is from Marshalls for $29.99 I thought that was a steal I mean for half the size I’ve seen there were $20 so this for 30 bucks was absolutely great I placed it here. So I can show you how big it is. And I might style it here and might followed it in my bedroom so stay tuned for that these two pillows I also purchased at Marshall’s for $24.

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99 they came in a pack of two. So that was such a great deal itself and they have this beautiful metallic look I’m thinking about incorporating it in my decor mixed metals I’m slowly. But surely I really love the set and this is an up-close view of the pillows this company called shake house reached out to me and they wanted me to try some of their products. So I chose the king-sized silk sleeping beauty set in the color pink it came as two king-sized pillowcases a sleeping cap and eye mask and 12 cocoons and these cocoons are actually to help nourish your skin that was pretty new me since I’ve never heard of such a thing.

And I thought that was pretty cool I’ve washed this set twice and so far so good it is recommended to hand wash them. But I should put them in the gentle cycle and it came out fine I used this pillowcase already a couple of nights. And I have to say I love it my hair has felt softer in the mornings my face feels so good I don’t want to get out of bed so they are still time they provided a 10% off code, if you’re interested in these products and I’ll link everything down below in the description box starting off with my home good spine I found this diamond covered bookend it was only $24.99 I mean just alone the diamond in the middle of this bookend is 25 dollars or more.

And I found this entire thing for only that. So I was so excited. And I have seen Z Gallerie have some similar maybe even the same one they’re so identical I couldn’t believe it was at home gauge on the shelf. So I am so happy I picked this up I am on the hunt for the other one so until then I’ll enjoy this beauty on its own about this marble planner for only 12 and 89 thought that was such a great deal.

Because it looks so real. But it is the faux marble. And I will be placing some fake flowers in here and placing it in my back patio okay guys. So I have caved into getting pops of pink in my kitchen I have so much silver in there.

But it’s time to incorporate some color for me I mean I’m always cooking and occasionally baking. So I thought no better way than to already just pick up these things why see them the little waffle maker was $7.99 and the batter bowl was $9.99 this home runs on love laughter and delicious chocolate I thought these were so cute they’re from home goods for only $6.

99. And I originally saw these on their Murphy’s Instagram page and she is so talented she has the best home decor ideas and everything and, when she puts these in her kitchen I just loved them so much, when I was actually at HomeGoods I found them. And I was just like okay they need to come home with me this little towel holder is $9.99 I’m so excited I finally found some Louie Vuitton book at home goods for 59.

99 I know it may seem a little expensive. But honestly what this book is worth is like double and like three times as much maybe even more depending on where you want to find them and, when I found it I know how to bring it home asap these are some of the pictures inside I know, when I see a lot of people hauling their books I like to see the pictures inside. So I also found this Kate Spade all in good taste book and here again I’m going to show some pictures I have really cute things. And I love learning all the information and things about them they’re all so unique and different and just can style them even as much as learning about them and this was only $12.

99 I also found the Kate Spade things we love book for $19.99. And I love this hot pink cover and then with the gold letters it is so beautiful it has the gold on the side as well and here are some more pictures you I’ve seen these baskets in many different stores and many colors and shapes and sizes so anyways I came to buy these in particular. Because of the price those $9.

99 for the extra large storage bins and they have this glitter fabric DT I don’t know, if you can see it, if the camera isn’t picking it up. But it is so pretty it shines. And I can’t wait to place my rice and my different heavy vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes and my pantry is going to look so nice I’m also organizing under my kitchen sink so, when I found these stainless steel over the cabinet basket I thought they were perfect and there were only $7.99 each these are also going in my pantry since I am organizing it I found these good great containers at home goods the small one was $9.

99 and the two big ones in the back are $14.99 apiece I love how they are airtight and just with the push of a button they are seal to go this is seriously the deal of the day, when I found these for a dollar I thought that that was such a great deal. Because of how cute they are they’re white little board magnets then you can leave messages on them you can just stick them on your fridge they come with a pen. So I thought that was a great combo together.

And I can’t wait to use them it was so Ciera what about more. But I only saw one this is the cutest little piece of luggage I’ve ever seen it’s a Vince Camuto pink and gold carry-on and, when I saw this I immediately had to put in my cart ASAP before anybody else grabbed it it also had a medium and a large size. But this was just more convenient for me since I like to carry a little bit of carry-on with me and this would be amazing to just travel and get by my weekend outfit so anyways I purchased it for 59.99 and their retails for three hundred and twenty dollars.

So I thought that was a great deal. And I know it’s not home decor related. But I just had to include in case you all wanted to get this for yourself and hopefully find it at your store so yeah this concludes my home decor how I hope you all enjoyed thank you so so so much for reading as always have a beautiful blessed favor one.

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