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Hello everyone welcome back to my blog today I’m gonna be showing you a home decor haul on home goods and raw some of my favorite favorite stores I was so happy to post this you guys.

Because I was so happy to find these beautiful gold butterfly pieces I found these at home goods. And I found about two different home kids I found these on one of my favorite and Instagram her name is inspire me home decor her name is Farah and she posted these on her Instagram I love them hunted them down they are Nicole Miller home vases. But they can be purchased at home goods. And I was so so so happy and excited to find these.

Because I just wanted them so bad I thought I wouldn’t have them and looky here I had the entire set so they are each price differently this one is 49.99 the one in the middle on top of the marbled tray is $49.99 the little one is $24.99 and the one on the far right is $49.

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99 as well they are gorgeous look at the detail news gold butterfly the quality is amazing the price is just. Because of the metal that it has and it is just so gorgeous you guys you have to see this in person for it to be given its justice this marble tray is from Target so this haul is also from Target I purchased it for $34.99 and then a week later around sale. So I think it’s still on sale so, if you like it definitely go ahead and grab it up these pieces are so unique so beautiful I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.

So I was so happy to find these continuing on with this hull that you have never seen a gigantic ice bucket like this and, if you have please let me know below I’d love to hear your story on it how big it was. But this gorgeous piece is from home kids the beautiful studs and bling around it just sold me originally this was priced for $200. And I got an offset for $75 you guys just a big blessing I can’t wait to use it I’m so excited diamonds are girl’s best friends other than your husband. And I love these curtain rods I purchased two of these I purchased four curtains of the set of 2 from Tahari brand they are a metallic gray silver I love these I’m going to be putting these in different rooms I put some in my living room already you’ll be seeing in the post a little sneak peek about it and continuing wrong with the florals in my home I love springtime it is my birthday month.

So I do stock up on these flowers, when I see them they are gorgeous added such a elegance of glam of love even and they are just beautiful you can’t get these year long so grab them up, when you see them I purchased this beautiful white rose mercury glass for $24.99 and this little one for $6.99 this Kate Spade bag is from home goods I couldn’t believe, when I saw this I wanted to a beach bag and this was perfect since we’re going to go to the beach this weekend this was originally $20 and Kate Spade prices $50 so this was a major seal I love the metallic gold this is the inside of it perfect for lunch, when we go to the beach keep it nice and cool so let’s up on this you guys home goods so go and run get these while you can I have had my eye on this for a while I saw some on overstock and they were way overpriced. And I went to home goods the next couple days.

And I found this gorgeous mirrored tufted bench I love the neutral color this was super affordable you guys this was only 150 dollars 150 dollars for this beautiful bench that will last a long time and love the mirrored look I love neutral I can combine any colors with it so it is perfect I knew I wanted some pillows for this gorgeous fringe and, when I went to home goods I found these white fluffy pillows with little silver strings attached to them making them even more beautiful I love the glam look I love the texture perfect size they’re each $24.99 these I have in a silver gray color they are in my living room and, when I saw them in this color and you had to pick them up they were only $29.99 they are great size well worth it great material I just had to have them this little decorative pillow was so gorgeous 49.99 I didn’t want to pay it.

So I waited. And I waited. And I waited some of them got sold then I saw it back at the store I guess somebody regretted buying that prices will and, when I purchased it it was actually on so for $25 you guys this is the final look on my bench with the pillows I purchased I think it looks so glamorous so beautiful let me know what you think this is the final outcome of the bench decorated I’m not going to place it here I’m going to put it in another room. But I just wanted to show you how it looked I had a very blank wall here.

And I wanted to add the touch of elegance. But I didn’t know what until I went to home goods I found this gorgeous mosaic art piece for only $99.99 pr1 does have a very identical one for about double the price so so excited to find this shopping at Ross I found this gorgeous mosaic art piece another one and this is going to go to one of my other rooms and the Sun, when it hits it is just like diamonds on a wall I found this for $69.99 Pier one also has a similar one like this for about 230 dollars so, when I saw the price I was so happy this concludes my haul I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did making it thank you all so much for reading comment, if you haven’t I’d love to have you a part of the family thumbs up, if you like this post have a super blessed day.

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