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Hey everyone I hope you all are having a fantastic day so far I wanted to thank everyone who’s been sending me messages and thinking of me and the time that I haven’t been posting I’ve just had a lot of things going on in my life recently and thank the Lord everything is great I just needed a little break for a bit so everything is back to normal I picked up some things for fall and some regular home decor pieces that I just couldn’t pass up. So I can’t wait to share you all the goodies I found this crystal cake stand is from home goods for only $29.99 and, when I saw this I knew I absolutely had to have it and everything is just such beautiful quality it has a mere base and then everything is crystal here’s a view of the top of the cake stand I picked up this Julie holder from TJ Maxx for only $19.99 and, when I saw this I knew absolutely how to have it it is golds and all zoom in here a little closer.

So you can see the details little better and they have little mesh ribbon diamonds they are just really nice they’re not gonna skin your jewelry or anything so just so safe to put on there and for the price you can’t beat it it’s so glam, when the light hits is just beautiful this glam pumpkin is from Ross for $19.99. And I was just so excited, when I found it I couldn’t believe it I was like literally so happy this was the only thing I wanted to get. And I came in the store straight to the fall section it was there just waiting for me I was shocked that nobody had picked this up maybe they had just put it out or something.

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But I went in the mid day. So I have seen this one and another one I’ll show you I also found the other one that a lot of people have been finding in the bigger size as well so, when I found this one I just had to have it it’s so beautiful I love all the little crystals around it and here is the second one that I found this one though is the same size maybe a little bit smaller for $12.99 and you can tell the difference between them the other one more glam more beads and this one has more of the silver bars going around the pumpkin. But nonetheless they are absolutely breathtaking together here I put them next to each other.

So you can get a better look at what I’m talking about how this one has more beaded work more glam and then this one is kind of more simple. But yes still beautiful in its own way to me finding the pumpkin on the right was just absolutely amazing that’s what I wanted I’m so happy I found it this silver leaf bowl is from HomeGoods about it first 1699 it is really big. So I want to show you the things I’m gonna be placing in them which are these little mercury balls that I found from Pier one they were on sale from ten dollars to three dollars and some change. So that was such a great find they have this diamond wrap around them and they are just really good quality here I’m gonna be placing them in the bowl.

So I could show you what it looks like you could leave three in here I could put a whole bunch of these in here it’s just however you know you want to style it. But I just wanted to share it with you all how it looks and just so beautiful and so elegant you can put anything in the sleeve Bowl candy keys and the entrance the ideas are endless I love hosting lunch or dinner from my family and friends so, when I saw these pre folded paper napkins I thought this would add a fun touch to the table and switch it up from the cloth napkins they were from TJ Maxx for only $5.99 I haven’t seen any napkins with silver detail. So I decided to try these beige napkins with rose gold pumpkins and they have a touch of silver under the pumpkins what really got me was the sparkle in these napkins my table seats twelve.

So I got three sets of four and I’ll show you how they look like in a fall table scape soon they are from home goods for $7.99 each I was looking for fall kitchen towels and as soon as I saw these I had to pick them up they were $6.99 from TJ Maxx. And I love the great pumpkins on the white towel they’re just the perfect theme I’m going for I found these candles from home Gibbs for only $9.

99 they have an exquisite detail on them I couldn’t believe there were only $10 a piece they have a dark gray wooden design look on the outside of the candle with silver details and on the top it has a nice caramel brown color they are by the brand Nicole Miller they have just beautiful work on them I don’t want to light them up I just want to use them for decor I wanted three of them. And I only found two. So I am on the hunt for another one I was at HomeGoods walking down the aisle of pillows, when I noticed Sparkle peeking out from the Shelf I instantly grabbed these and knew they had to come home with me they resembled my charcoal velvet living room pillows. But these have a sparkle fabric in them and they have two different designs I’ll show you the difference in design side by side even though they are basically the exact same pillows.

So you can see what I’m talking about I picked up a total of four and they were $24.99 each and all and started pick here to show you the sparkle. Because the camera isn’t doing any justice a lot of these pillows were on high demand this year and unfortunately a lot of them sold out super fast I found two of them at home gives for $24.99.

So I placed them on my MIR barstools and they have that beige material. So I thought it went perfect together. And I love this mixed metal look and the beading is just stunning. So we are down to the last piece of this hall you guys I found this silver velvet acrylic bench at HomeGoods this can be placed in the entryway bedroom bathroom closet or anywhere that you would like and bring such a grand statement to any room this concludes my haul thank you all so much for reading and all the love I am so grateful for each and every one of you, if you’re new here welcome don’t forget to hit the comment button so it can be part of the family I’d love to have you here also hit the notification bell.

So you can be notified immediately, when I upload new posts and you don’t miss anything as always have a beautiful and blessed day everyone.

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